The Hundreds X Chinatown Market

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We’re proud to announce that the The Hundreds X Chinatown Market collaboration is going to be released from Fuel at Saturday 12 of January 2019.

The Hundreds X Chinatown Market commercial shot & edited by @wuthuh and conceptualized by the Chinatown Market crew. Starring Bobby Hundreds, Ben Hundreds, Chinatown Market founder Mike Cherman and members of the Chinatown Market crew.

The collection lookbook depicts the Chinatown Market crew ‘behind the scenes’—a throwback to Bobby Hundreds’ own OG blog coverage of The Hundreds’ office antics on in the mid- to late-2000s. The lookbook was shot by Robb Klassen and styled and modeled by the Chinatown Market staff.

The Hundreds X Garfield

Illustrator Jim Davis debuted the first Garfield comic strip in June of 1978, featuring a sarcastic fat cat and its clumsy, kindhearted owner Jon Arbuckle. It quickly became the fastest growing comic strip ever, today holding the Guinness World Record of “The Most Widely Syndicated Comic Strip in the World.” Garfield proved so successful that Davis created Paws, Inc., in 1981 to manage its worldwide rights, and the orange tabby soon appeared in television cartoons, movies, video games, and across a wide assortment of merchandise. This year, the enduring cat celebrates its 40th year.

Garfield taught me how to draw cartoons and I swore that one day I’d make a living off of my art the way Jim Davis did.” – The Hundreds’ co-founder Bobby Kim.

In 2010, The Hundreds and Garfield partnered for the first time in a milestone collaboration. Eight years later, Garfield returns now in celebration of The Hundreds’ 15-year Anniversary. This time, we drew inspiration from our original collaboration, as well as the ‘90s rendition of Garfield and friends. The collection features T-shirts, hoodies, an embroidered denim jacket, an allover print pajama set, headwear, a trash can, coaster set, plush toy, stickers, and pins. Check them out here: The Hundreds x Garfield.