Revival after 1990s sensational debut!


Many years after touching off an historical whirlwind for the ASICS® brand in the 1990s, the GEL-MAI™ will be revived in Spring 2017 by ASICS Tiger™. The hallmarks of the original design––an iconic upper characterized by asymmetrical eyelet stays and a decorative bulky sole—reappear with the new model, which has been updated to fit in with today’s street fashion while remaining faithful to the original impactful design. Sneaker fans will immediately be drawn to the new model, modernized in context with ASICS Tiger. After debuting in 1990, the GEL-MAI™ enjoyed strong popularity among fashion-conscious sneaker fans. The model was created under the development concept that an upper is not necessary when the sole functions excellently. Progressive at the time of launch, the design featured asymmetrical eyelet stays, eyelet-adorned sides, and a single pouch-like form that cradled the instep through the ankle. A molded GEL™ midsole delivered superior cushioning. The model featured the leading technology of the time that supported the foot for a sense of ‘dancing,’ and is still talked about as a masterpiece of an athletic shoe.

The new model has updated the last and pattern of the original model to match more modern street fashion. An upright tongue creates a clean and proper silhouette overall. The new midsole heel features fuzeGEL™ technology, ASICS’s own sponge material that first appeared in last year’s FuzeX™ model, for improved cushioning. Two color combinations, ASICS Blue x Black and Black x Black, will be available. The color blocks present a cool contrast, and the high-tech sneaker styling that shows the foot through gaps in the athletic leisure look and bold style will match this season’s trends. Many years have passed between the sensational debut, and the revival of GEL-MAI™model foretells of a new wave in street fashion.

The release date have been set for 22/4 on selected boutiques like Fuel.

The return of the Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor

Perhaps the most notable soldier in Nike’s battle for woven supremacy, the “Multicolor” Flyknit Racer makes its 2017 return. We saw this model make a comeback last year, with a somewhat subtly changed tongue. This time around, even the smaller details remain unchanged.

The shoe’s iconic knit build is in full display here, refreshingly adorned in vibrant colors. Flywire tech provides reinforcement for a cozy fit. In case you’re looking for more than style, the Racer also boasts its traditional waffle outsole, showing some solid traction.

Aesthetically, we see a minimalist take that opts more for a streamlined look. A Phylon midsole continues that theme, offering featherweight cushioning and a sharp finish. This shoe is famous for adding fuel to the current 1-to-1 fit craze that we see in the runners game. Following its experiments with the Nike Free, the Swoosh had reportedly received some feedback that yearned for more snug fits. The result? A pretty sleek release. Look for these on April 7th!

Flyknit Racer

Flyknit Racer

Flyknit Racer

Photos by Nike