Nike Women’s Air Max 1 “Barely Rose”

The Nike Women’s Air Max 1 “Barely Rose” brings more of the brand’s premium touches to an all-time classic. This time, the visuals are all about the scorching summer months ahead.


This Women’s exclusive edition of the Air Max 1 arrives in hues of Pink and White. We’ve seen plenty from the AM 1’s premium line-up opt for darker and more tonal schemes. But, seeing as how we are in the warmer months of the year around here, a splash of pastel just feels more appropriate.


The color is complemented by the upper’s construction, which sticks to a motif of soft luxury. As usual, we see the fairly breathable mesh base. It’s mostly visible at the toe box while the rest of this material is covered with overlays of a rich leather.


The top half of the shoe sees these overlays covered in the Rose tone the shoe is named after. Meanwhile, slashes of White show up via sections such as the forefoot, lateral swoosh, and heel counter.


Each of these segmented leather sections is separated by that familiar stitch detailing. This is always a welcome touch as it adds to the shoe’s overall premium feel. Nike Air branding on the heel finishes off this edition’s pristine look.


The Air Max’s readiness for the sunnier months has never been in question. Though Nike also keeps plenty of winterized iterations in stock, the colorways show a versatility that works for summer festivals as well.


Moreover, it gives an extra option to those of us who aren’t convinced by the season to dawn slippers and straw hats. The change of weather is hardly an excuse to dump sneakerhead sensibilities.


Even when the weather outside eventually gets frightful, those leather overlays won’t leave you freezing. Available now, cop your own premium Air Max 1’s today!


Nike Air Max 1 Premium “Elemental Gold”

Nike’s super deep catalog of success stories might not ever stop. Frankly, there’s no evidence to suggest they even know how to release non-hits. The Air Max 1 is one of the premier examples of this record. The brand’s major footprint in the runners game largely came about as a storm that started off with the AM 1. Along the way, we’ve seen some pretty outstanding models, ranging from the functional to the downright flashy. We’ve even gotten some all-time-great colorways of the Air Max 1. Most recently, we get a look at the Nike Air Max 1 Premium in “Elemental Gold.”

As with all of Nike’s Premium offerings, the upgrades here are mostly on the materials. Though we usually see some sort of suede or leather on this sort of release, things are different here. The uppers sport canvas, for the most part, showing some interesting stitch detailing throughout. If the materials are a bit underwhelming, it’s a good thing this isn’t the main draw. nestled on the shoe’s heel is a branding alteration. The “Air Max” logo here is a call back to the print on the Air Max 93’s tongue. An often unheralded model, this subtle placement gives it the shoutout it deserves.

The colorway here is one we’re used to seeing drop during the winter months when Nike releases heat in response to the frigid winds. With that being said, it’s also nice to see the underrated Air Max 93 get something of a callback. The Swoosh has put together a line of retro runners that span so wide that we often forget about some less popular models. Luckily for the OG Swoosh heads, Nike has a thing for bringing back gems from the past.

Out since late December, make sure you don’t miss out on these beauties!


Air Max 1 “Snow Beach”

Nike could go on another 20 years churning out colorway after colorway of the Air Max 1 and it’s doubtful they’d ever run out of heat. It seems like every single year is a new chance for the brand to test their visual limits. So far, we haven’t seen very many signs of a slow down. Though you can only mess with material variations so much, the trick seems to be in the visual stories. From iconic moments in sports to shoutouts to legendary cities, Nike has a whole stock of inspirations from which to draw. This time around, they go with a household name in 90s hip-hop circles for the Nike Air Max 1 Premium “Snow Beach.”

This shoe is, as many other premium offerings from Nike, decked in some material upgrades. The upper is a combination of canvas and leather. We also another example of something Nike’s been trying to do recently, a shoutout to another older AM model. The Air Max logo on the heel tab is a clear callback to the Air Max 93, as Swoosh heads will quickly recognize. The color scheme itself is inspired by a jacket that Raekwon wore in the video for Wu-Tang’s “Can it Be All So Simple.”

The colors come together nicely here, The Navy overlay over Yellow linings is reminiscent of the Michigan Wolverines, they of the fire collection of custom Jordan retros. If that’s not enough for you, those accents of Red will definitely help you stand out. As we start to leave the colder months, you’ll notice some brighter colors on the streets. From clothing to footwear, you’re like likely to see some lighter notes, like pastel. This iteration of the Air Max 1 is a great way to match that brightness while also sticking a neutral Navy tone.

Available now, you’ll want to make sure you scoop these joints up while they’re still available. Usually, fire colorways of the AM1 have a good chance of slipping under many hype radars, but the Wu-Tang connection might up the resell game this time around. Beat them to the punch and cop yourself some AM heat!

Nike Air Max 1 OG Anniversary

Earlier this year, sneakerheads were treated to one of the more memorable Air Max Day celebrations in recent memory. Along with the introduction of some never-before-seen renditions, Nike also went heavy on the nostalgia. The Air Max 1, considered by most to be the OG of Air Max, came back with its most familiar colors. Now, we see those same looks return in the form of the Nike Air Max 1 OG Anniversary

As we celebrate 30 years with the AM1, the reissue of the Anniversary pair is well timed. Of course, we two of the most recognizable colorways return: Red and Blue. Each pair carries the distinct design cues of the original. The base on the upper is a White mesh. Both sneakers also feature different takes on suede overlays. The tech is all there, including that lauded Air bubble on the heel.

Sneakerheads will fawn over this minimalist masterpiece, one that has stood the test of time with relative grace. It isn’t the most double-take worthy pair, but you’ll notice them when they finish your outfit perfectly. Don’t miss out when we bring back both the Red and Blue Air Max 1 OG Anniversary on October 28th!

Nike Air Max 1 Premium “Ridgerock”

The Air Max 1 goes through yet another premium rendition with this latest Ridgerock colorway. We’ve seen this shoe in more than its fair share of luxurious builds, but this release is on the shortlist for some of the best out there !!

The upper on this beauty is in a mix of high grade suede and soft leather, held down by the AM1’s usual helping of mesh. The Tan hues are divided up in a colour blocking scheme, reminiscent of Nike’s work on the ACG line of footwear. Serving as an interesting contrast are the Turbo Green of the insole and Swoosh, which may remind some of the highly coveted Atmos release from earlier this year.  

The Air Max 1 normally goes through a number of different premium stylings throughout a given year. In that light, you can bet this won’t be the last time we see it all dressed up. That being said, this Ridgerock pair is hard to forget.

You can scoop these up now!


Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant”: Why This Sneaker Still Matters in 2017

In 2000, California surf brand Stussy partnered with Nike to produce two limited versions of the Air Huarache.
This partnership was years ahead of its time, and created an important precedent that opened a space for smaller, independent brands to work with bigger, more established names like Nike.
“Collaboration” was far from the enticing, marketing buzzword that it is today, as the audience for sneakers was much smaller in the late 1990s and early 2000s. After Stussy got the ball rolling, Japanese retailer atmos joined up with the Swoosh in 2002 to create a unique version of the classic Air Max 1.
The team at atmos added an unmistakable “Safari” motif to Tinker Hatfield’s now-iconic design, which is today considered one of the greatest versions of the Air Max 1 to date.


A year later, in 2003, atmos again re-worked the Air Max 1, giving fans a new “Viotech” version with a purple and mixed brown theme. Japanese retailer atmos was quickly gaining acclaim in sneakerhead circles,
firming up a strong foundation of collaborations with Nike. Jumping forward to 2007, the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant” arrived on the scene as part of a “Zoo” pack. While the Air Max 1 “Elephant” is only one example of Nike’s keen eye for collaboration, especially in streetwear culture’s early days, last year Air Max fans used their votes to resurrect the sneaker for 2017. Speaking to Nike, atmos Creative Director Hirofumi Kojima noted: “Of course it was a great pleasure and the greatest honor for a person whose job is about sneakers. To be honest, I did not realize the significance of the event at first, but a lot of celebratory remarks from the staff and my friends made me realize it.”

For a massive sportswear company who was battling the likes of Reebok and other brands for dominance in the US market, it was relatively risky to allocate resources towards a collaboration with a small, Japanese boutique like atmos.
Speaking on the unabashed color scheme, Kojima went on to explain; “I remember talking with the people in Nike Japan, who were involved in the project, about creating something crazy and stupid that would give impact to the market.
We happened to find a pair of vintage Nike kids shoe with zebra print, and we decided to create shoes with animal prints under the concept of zoo.” As we’ve seen, this tradition of Nike partnering with smaller boutiques and brands to give rise to their ideas has paid off in a big way.
Interestingly, the color story of the atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Elephant” parallels that of Japanese streetwear first-mover A Bathing Ape, which refers to the idea of a monkey bathing in lukewarm water, as a self-aware metaphor for the overindulgent, younger generation in Japan at the time, which eventually became the label’s own customer base. Similarly, the Air Max 1 “Elephant” recalls the image of an elephant taking a bath, with hits of bright turquoise on the heel, tongue and Nike Swoosh.
In 2017, sneaker collaborations continue to act as platforms for innovation and creativity, driving new ideas and bringing like-minded (or in some cases dissimilar) partners together. Despite being part of vastly different cultures, Nike and atmos found common ground to tell a coherent story which has lasted through the years.

Source: Highsnobiety