Air Jordan 3 “Pure White”

Few things are more quintessentially summer than a clean pair of white sneakers. With the sun shining and the temperature rising through the summer months you’ve gotta stay cool with your footwear, and Jordan Brand has got you covered this season with the “Pure White” Air Jordan 3s.

A tonal take on the iconic Jordan silhouette, the “Pure White” offers a stately tumbled leather upper, complete with tonal branding and tonal elephant print detailing on the toe and heel. A white midsole adds to the stark look and an icy blue outsole offers a cool summertime contrast. For a final summer touch, the 3’s standard orange hang tag is replaced by a completely clear variant.

Need to get a pair of this extra-fresh 3s for your summer rotation?

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Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88

The Jordan Zoom Tenacity 88 Black/Varsity Red-Cement Grey-White is yet another piece of Nike’s celebration of the Air Jordan 3.


The year has seen a good selection of Air Jordan 3 drops already – with plenty more to come. But, if you’re looking for something a bit sportier to use on your day-to-day, the Tenacity 88 is going to be your best bet.


Like most Jordan heads, you wouldn’t be faulted for wanting in on the AJ 3 festivities. Some of the most iconic looks for any sneaker have debuted originally on Jordan’s third signature basketball model.


With that being said, it may not be the most ideal sneaker for an intense hour at the gym or a good run at our local park. Well, the Tenacity 88 helps in this department.


The upper on this model is in a mix of textile and synthetics, making for a supportive and stretchy upper – minus the price tag that comes with Flyknit. The cushion is also a nice touch of minimalism. A midsole filled with foam comes equipped with the impact protection of a responsive Zoom Air unit. It’s all the cushion you’ll need on those workouts without having to think about being held down by the weight.


The traction pattern is quite unique in this model as well. A mixture of rubber pods and circular sections makes for some interestingly sticky traction underfoot. Fortunately, it all comes in a fairly durable rubber build as well.


Besides the pragmatism, the main draw here will be the visuals. The colorway is a direct shoutout to the Black Cement Air Jordan 3, released earlier this year. Even for casual sneaker fans, this is easily one of the most recognizable color schemes out there.


Available now, don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the Air Jordan 3 legacy without sacrificing your funds or workout efficiency!

A Brief History of the Air Jordan 1

“I can’t wear those, I’ll look like a clown.” Though not quite verbatim, this was Michael Jordan’s initial reaction to the first designs of the Air Jordan 1. The shoe has gone through quite a few ups and downs since its original debut, but it stands as one of the more sought-after releases from Jordan Brand today. As such, we wanted to give you some context on one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. Here’s a brief history of the Air Jordan 1, the one that would start it all.

Now, we all know that the Air Jordan 1 is an item of cultural fascination. You could even go as far as suggesting that it is one of the ten or so most significant items of sneaker history to date. With that being said, the quote we opened with is not exactly an exaggeration.

Jordan really wasn’t feeling Nike’s idea of a signature basketball sneaker. In fact, he saw it as an overly bulky model that didn’t meet his needs.

Throughout his career in college basketball, he’d opted for the Converse Chuck Taylor. He became enamored with the low-to-the-ground rubber sole and valued court feel over anything else. What Nike presented to him was like wearing two Chucks on each foot.

MJ loved the Chuck Taylor so much that he was begging to sign an endorsement deal with Converse instead. Nike wasn’t having it. They saw Michael as something wholly unique in his otherworldly talent and potential appeal to consumers, so they pushed hard to sign him.

Eventually, the design that agitated Jordan began to earn his favor. After tinkering for quite some time with specifications such as the midsole and upper paneling, the Air Jordan 1 was officially released towards the end of the 1984-1985 NBA season.

Now, this is where the sneaker’s background gets a bit interesting. After MJ approved of the final mock-up, Nike had to get working on the product they would eventually send out to retailers. That, of course, would take some time.

Simultaneously, Jordan needed a shoe to play in for the coming season. Nike decides to have him play in the now famous Air Ship, styled in the same colorway as the “Banned” Air Jordan 1 that debuts soon after.

For marketing purposes, it was a pretty clever move. Nike had planned to push the Bred colorway as one of the first initial drops. As such, continuity was a must.

After dropping that iconic “Banned” Black and Red iteration, Nike would go on to release the Air Jordan 1 in a multitude of classic looks. Yet, the Bred look would persist in memory due to its backstory.

Legend has it that the NBA fined Jordan $3000 for every game he played in them as the colorway conflicted with the league’s uniform rules. The fact that those fines were never confirmed couldn’t matter less. The story was powerful and helped the shoe sell remarkably well.

It’s also the first sneaker that Jordan Brand would bring back from the past, sparking a habit of retro releases.

In more ways than one, the Air Jordan 1 truly started it all.

Air Jordan XXXII CNY

The Air Jordan line’s affinity with celebratory releases continues, now finding its way to their latest signature performer. The Chinese New Year edition of Jumpman models has been a noticeably successful habit for the brand. Chinese has always been a strong market both for basketball and Jordan Brand specifically. You could put together a respectable catalog of releases made up entirely of special celebratory Chinese editions alone. For the brand, it’s a solid marketing effort. For the rest of us, it’s another captivating look at the signature line. We check out the Air Jordan XXXII “Chinese New Year.”

This color scheme is about as expressive as it gets. Hues of Green, Gold, White, and Red sit comfortably on a Black based upper. The back end of this sneaker is where all of the glitz of this scheme comes to life. Details include depictions of fireworks and flowers, all stitched on to really stand out. These details become even more impressive considering they sit on an otherwise minimalist performance-woven upper. The front portion boasts what appear to be scale-like detailing in White, leading up to the forefoot and toebox. The look is rounded out thanks to a crisp White midsole.

February 16th marks the celebration of Chinese New Year. Reportedly, we are entering the Year of the Dog.

The Air Jordan XXXII is a pretty fantastic choice for this release. Its unique build offers up a few elements to play around with in terms of design. Unlike some of the other elite basketball sneakers out there, a woven upper is mixed in with synthetic sections, boasting some potential variability. We’ve already seen this CNY color scheme on the Air Jordan VI, but this release stands on its own merits.

As a performance model, the Air Jordan XXXII is still a very play-friendly shoe, even in celebratory drops such as this one. Despite the overflow of expressive design, this performance-woven upper – a go-to for the brand since the AJ XXX – sports some surprising durability. The synthetic elements of the shoe also add to its stability profile. Off the court, it’s arguably even more impressive. This boisterous look for the Air Jordan XXXII wouldn’t have worked as well on another base color. The choice to go with Black looks like it was a fantastic one.

Out now, you won’t want to miss this memorable take on the XXXII.

Air Jordan 13 Altitude

Each of the models in the signature Air Jordan line is special for individual reasons. Particularly, the earlier models come with a unique mythology associated with the man himself. Michael Jordan’s on-court ability was something the world had never seen before, it made sense for his sneakers to match that. From its conception onwards, the Air Jordan line has been about adding to the performance of one of the greatest athletes to ever live. The Air Jordan 13 was no deviation. We take a look at the legendary sneaker in this latest “Altitude” iteration.

Back when the Air Jordan 13 first dropped, in 1997, it was released in some limited options. Though this colorway isn’t part of that OG heritage, this isn’t the first time the “Altitude” 13s have made a splash. In 2010, a version of this iteration released with a mesh base on the upper. Five years before that, our first taste of this colorway took on leather overlays. This latest release ditches its most recent mesh for an OG leather. For 90s sneaker aficionados, this will surely be a welcome decision. Though it takes slightly longer to break in from a performance standpoint, leather uppers were a staple at a time when basketball sneakers were innovative and new.

The color scheme is going to sell out quickly, thanks to a mostly blacked-out upper. The Green here comes to us via the Jumpman logo on the tongue and a darker shade on the lateral piece – the “eye” –  towards the heel. A matching Altitude Green outsole finishes things off, adding some color to a sneaker that is otherwise as somber as it gets.

As with most retro Jordan models, it would be a bit of a stretch to break this out for your next pick up game with friends. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t lace them up to turn some heads on the way to the court.

The Air Jordan 6 UNC Black Flips the Script

The UNC color scheme is as much a part of the Jordan legacy as any other emblematic colorway. This upcoming Air Jordan 6 retro looks to continue this tradition. The high top Jumpman model flips the color scheme of most UNC or University Blue models and puts on a more somber look. The result is yet another unquestionable release day sell out.

The upper on this model is featured here in a Nubuck build, one of the more common base materials on the Air Jordan 6. The overwhelming majority of the shoe is in a total Black color scheme. The University Blue only makes an appearance in isolated details. For what it’s worth the color blocking scheme here is exactly the same as that of the Infrared iterations of the Air Jordan 6. The outsole, as always, is partitioned between rubber and icy translucent sections.

The usual Air cushioning bags are present here, squeezed into a polyurethane insole. It isn’t exactly premium impact protection, but you’ll hardly be bringing these out for pick up games anyhow.

Though it’s set to be a popular look, this colorway is also equipped with the season-appropriate material nubuck on the upper. Due out on December 2nd, don’t sleep on these!

The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey is Stormy

You’re likely dealing with darker clouds and some less forgiving weather this time of year, so how about some heat on your feet? The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey combines the quality and hype of the iconic Jumpman model with a stormy aesthetic. Thanks to some material combinations and the unique build of the Air Jordan 12, this iteration has plenty to offer.

The upper here takes on two slightly different versions of Grey. As with most Air Jordan 12 releases, the execution vaires on the stitched leather and suede portions. The bottom half, boasting the stitched leather, shows a glossier look at the color scheme. Meanwhile, the leather panel towards the midfoot and forefoot sports a cloudier and softer hue. You likely won’t be hooping in these, but it’s worth knowing that the Flight cushioning system along the midsole provides some serious impact protection.

Thanks to the material combinations, an impressive inner lining, and color scheme, this Air Jordan 12 proves to be a worthy part of your Fall and Winter rotation. Being that it’s in a mostly monochrome scheme, it’s a versatile pair in terms of styling as well.

Due out for a global release on November 18th, make sure you don’t miss out on this iteration of an undisputed classic.

Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 82”

The Jumpman exemplifies their story telling focus yet again with the upcoming Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 82.” This no-frills colorway combines one of the many pieces of lore from Michael Jordan’s career with a digestible colorway. The result is a model that is sure to be hotly pursued upon release. As always with the man himself, the story of this Jordan model is centered around winning.

The “Win Like 82” concept is a direct reference to Michael’s time with the University of North Carolina Tarheels. In 1982, the plucky shooting guard, who was yet to blow us away on a wider scale, sank a game-winning shot to secure a national title. As such, the colorway, turning an eye to Blue and White, is a subtle shoutout to the Tarheels on the AJ 11.

The shoe’s tech features are, as with all retros, unchanged. Midnight Navy adorns the patent leather portion of the upper, gleaming against even the slightest bit of light. The rest of the sneaker is in a crisp White theme, with the only other contrast being a University Blue on the Jumpman logo. An Icy midsole finishes off the look.

If the legend of the GOAT isn’t enough for you, consider this release a good alternative to the iconic “Concord” model. Look out for these when they drop on November 11th.

Air Jordan 5 History

By the time the Air Jordan line got to its fifth model in 1990, Michael Jordan’s signature series was already an established powerhouse in the athletic sneaker world. The luxury basketball shoes were what every kid was begging his parents for, and were made all the more envied over due to the fact few actually got them because of the $100+ price tag. While some signature sneaker lines are old news or not even existent by the fifth model, the Air Jordan line was as coveted as ever, showing no signs of slowing its momentum with the Air Jordan V.

The Air Jordan III and IV were hard acts to follow, but thanks to Tinker Hatfield’s addition of some new design elements and an aggressive, fighter plane inspired look, the Air Jordan V kept us all thirsting for more by continuing the strong evolution of Jordans. For all the essential information on what made the Air Jordan V one of Tinker’s greatest hits and a vital member of Air Jordan history.

The First Air Jordan of the ‘90s

The first Air Jordan of the classic decade of sneakers that was the ‘90s, the Air Jordan V released in 1990 at a retail price of $125.

Fighter Plane Inspiration

Another masterpiece by Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan V’s main design inspiration was the aggressive look of the iconic World War II era fighter planes painted to look like a shark—hence the zig-zagging tooth-like midsole detail.

Four Original Colorways

Unlike every signature sneaker that releases today in an almost untrackable number of colorways, the Air Jordan V released in only four. Included in the OG colorways were the two similar white looks in White/Black/Fire Red (with 3M tongue) and the reversed White/Fire Red/Black, Black/Metallic Silver, and the beloved “Grape”.

No 23 For You

Now almost every Air Jordan 5 Retro comes with the #23 embroidered at the heel, but originally, only one of the four original colorways—Fire Red—released with MJ’s number on the heel. Only Michael himself got 23 on the Black/Metallic and White/Black/Fire Red colorways. It wasn’t until 2000 when the “Laney” and “White/Metallic” colorways dropped that most versions of the shoe came with the 23 embroidery.

The Flashiest Air Jordan Yet—Literally

Utilized on running shoes for years to increase visibility during night runs, it wasn’t until Tinker put reflective 3M material on the tongue of the Air Jordan V that it was seen on the hardwood. Tinker’s intention was to bring attention to the shoe as flashbulbs popped—which happened almost anytime MJ made a move—and lit up the tongue. Only two of the original four colorways of the V had the reflective tongue, but it would go on to become one of the most iconic features of the model, appearing on most Retro+ colorways and even inspiring the all-3M “Green Bean” colorway from 2006 and the black reflective colorway from the “Raging Bull” pack.

Asymmetrical Collar

Another notable feature of the Air Jordan V is the asymmetrical collar, which was designed to sculpt to the ankle more ergonomically while also offering support.

Locked Laces

Along with the firsts of reflective material and clear outsole on a basketball sneaker, the Air Jordan V was also the first to come equipped with a lace lock. Similar lacelocks would also be seen on the Air Jordan VI and further down the line on the Air Jordan XVII.

See-Through Soles

The Air Jordan V also introduced clear rubber to the sneaker game. Clear outsoles are now a common design element, but imagine how crazy it was to see that Jumpman below the sole for the first time back in 1990.

MJ’s Achievements in the V

The Air Jordan VI gets the honor of being the first Air Jordan Michael won a title in, but the V got pretty close, as he made it to the Eastern Conference Finals before his Bulls were defeated by the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. The V does get bragging rights to being the sneaker on his feet for his career high 69 points, which took place on March 28, 1990 in an overtime victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers. MJ also took home his fourth NBA scoring title during the 1989-90 season.

Source: Sneakernews

Air Jordan 2 Decon

In the category of underrated retro Air Jordan models, the AJ 2 might be a leading contender. The often unheralded sneaker finds itself in an awkward position, nuzzled in between two of the most of popular Jordans of all time.

That being said, all of that might be changing this summer. The Air Jordan 2 returns to us in its deconstructed form.

The concept of deconstructed sneakers isn’t new. In fact, we’ve already seen the AJ 1 take this type of aesthetic on to good effect.

But, it does, ironically, add an extra dimension here to the Air Jordan 2. Earlier this month, the Bordeaux colorway of this model was dropped and sported a very luxurious look.

That motif continues here as we see a Black, Thunder Blue, and Sail iteration most recently.

The uppers are built from a noticeably smooth and lush suede throughout. That sort of material makes the decision to go with tonal color schemes make a ton of sense, as each color helps the suede stand out in its own way.

Historically, the midsole of the Air Jordan 2 is tangibly softer than its predecessor. We also get minimal branding, with the Jumpman logo on the front, and an old school Nike sign on the heel.

Each of these iterations is remarkably easy to pair with your outfit of choice. In fact, the Black colorway will be a nice addition to your Fall and Winter rotation. However you rock them, you definitely don’t want to let these Decon 2’s pass you by.

Air Jordan 4 “Alternate Motorsports”

The Air Jordan 4 is having a revival year in 2017, and it may be because the Jumpman has stumbled onto a strategy. Recently, we’re seeing this model in a slew of premium iterations, adding substantial hype to what would otherwise be “meh” inducing releases. That tactic continues on the sneaker’s most recent release, seen here in a Black and Royal Blue scheme.


The upper’s build is in a premium leather throughout, joined by synthetic accents of Wolf Grey along the lateral sides. Touches of Royal Blue come via the shoe’s inner lining and outsole, giving this sneaker a look that flips the “Motorsport” pair.


You’re really spoiled for choice this year when it comes to the AJ 4, but this might have taken the proverbial cake. Boasting a premium mix of some basic colors, you won’t want to miss out on this versatile outfit finisher. Look out for these on June 17th.

Air Jordan 7 Pantone

One of the many reasons why Tinker Hatfield is so successful at what he does is this: the man can, and very often is, inspired by anything around him. The Air Jordan 7 is a prime example of this. It’s a project that has roots in Tinker’s reaction to posters of African art that he saw while in Portland. He loved them and wanted the 7’s design to reflect this.

Now, the Pantone colorway of this shoe is due out for a general release. The last time we saw this model, it was exclusively showcased at the 2010 World Basketball Festival. Heavy on the UNC influence, there were rumors about the potential release of this pair, but we hadn’t seen much realized until recently.

Seven years later, Jordan Brand finally brings to the public what has only been seen as a sample.

Look out for these when they drop on April 29th.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low “Carolina”

There really might not be a better time for Jordan Brand to go crazy with the Blue releases. Sure, it’s one of the more universally well received colorways out there. But, with MJ’s alma mater coming off a National Championship win, the brand could very well deck everything out in UNC Blue and get away with it.

The Air Jordan 11 Low has been one of the Jumpman’s easiest go-to’s for the summer months. Yet, splashing University Blue on the upper’s patent leather seems to amplify that even further. The motif is even present on the checkered designs of the shoe’s carbon fiber midfoot.

It might seem like all of the White sections will be tough to keep clean, but you should find it relatively easy to deal with the most common dirt and stains on this leather upper (as opposed to suede, for example). Beautiful colorway with some practicality added in? Yes, please!

Grab your own pair when these release on April 15th.

Air Jordan 1 “Royal”

For the casual onlooker or fairweather sneaker fan, it may seem like the “Royal” craze is a bit random. After all, it’s just the same old Air Jordan 1. The same leather, no-frills color scheme, etc. Why all the fuss? Well, the answer comes in parts.

The Air Jordan 1, having debuted in 1985, saw an influx of colorways. Unlike the 14 and the like, Nike rolled out up to nine versions of the sneaker. The “Royal” pair was perhaps the only one that came close to the notoriety of the BRED and Chicago iterations. As such, it’s a welcome alternative for those of us who missed out on those two when they released as retros. Because of its proximity with those colorways, the Royal scheme is part of the sneaker’s “OG 3.”

Beyond that, the initial Royal release was also rather well timed. It very closely followed that of the BRED colorway, which was banned from the NBA for not complying with the Bulls’ Red/ White/ Black requirement. Nike must have seen the success brought to them with the “Banned” marketing ploy and decided to agitate the NBA a bit more. As with the rest of the Jumpman line-up, the background of the Royal Air Jordan 1 is bigger than the shoe itself.

Air Jordan 4 Retro “Motorsports”

Air Jordan 4 Retro “Motorsports”


One of the most highly coveted Air Jordan 4 colorways of all time is set to release to the public next year.

Yes, I’m talking about the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport.

When the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport initially released, it didn’t drop as a GR to the public.

It was an exclusive pair of sneakers. How exclusive?

The shoe was only given to members of the Jordan Brand Motorsport team.

So if you weren’t a part of that exclusive club, you probably don’t own a pair.

For some reason Jordan Brand has decided to release the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport to the public.

This Motorsport 4 will come with a White leather upper, offset by the hits of Black and Royal Blue placed throughout the shoe.

Mars Blackmon branding also appears on the side of the heel to give it that official look and feel.

The Release Date has set for 25/3/17