Nike Air Force 1: Bound for Greatness

If you’re looking for a good way to understand the history of basketball sneakers, look no further than the Nike Air Force 1. The Swoosh’s entry into the lore of performance on-court kicks has a deep catalog. The colorways, styles, and builds all make for what feels like an endless array of choices. More importantly, the shoe has a deep and rich history in the context of both the court and the culture.

Upon its initial release, back in 1982, the Air Force 1 held some serious significance for the brand. If you can believe it, Nike was kind of an underdog in the basketball sneaker market. The Swoosh was all about decking out runners in the best equipment and footwear. On the other hand, the hardwood was a domain dominated by names such as Converse. If that wasn’t difficult enough, there were some technical complications.

The original selling point of the AF1 can be summarized in its original ad slogan: “Air in a Box.” On the face of it, this was exactly the sort of gimmick that would do well in the context of basketball. The promise of increased impact protection and the marketability of “Air” time came at a time when the players were getting bigger and more athletic. With that being said, getting air into the midsole of a shoe to act as a cushioning system was complicated.

Air Force 1 advertisement

Remarkably, Nike would devise a way to stabilize this midsole design. Bruce Kilgore, the mind behind the legendary sneaker, was inspired by the Nike Approach, a hiking boot. Adjusting the midsole for the high impact needs of basketball, the Swoosh’s first major entry into basketball sneakers was born. It made quite the splash, with Nike employing the sponsoring services of names such as Moses Malone.

On the court, the AF1’s design would inspire some other iconic releases from Nike. The leather upper and Air tech quickly became the standard to beat, even for the Swoosh brand. Even the Air Jordan 1 has a midsole that is directly inspired by the Air Force 1. Off the court, this shoe enjoyed widespread acclaim from the larger sneakerhead community. This was a shoe that plenty of people purchased as their one footwear purchase for the year. The build was durable and the style oozed versatility. You couldn’t go wrong with a pair of Air Forces.

In fact, the shoe was so popular that it forced Nike to make a decision that it generally wasn’t used to. After discontinuing the shoe in 1984, the brand was met with an incredible demand for a return. This would lead to a re-release in 1986, marking the first big retro for a brand that now practically specializes in it.

The Air Force 1 was always destined for greatness. What else can you expect from the shoe that inspired Tinker Hatfield to try his hand at sneaker design?

Nike SF Air Force 1 Hi Boot

Why should you go for Nike SF Air Force 1 Hi Boot, you ask? For the upcoming Winter, the months of which will be harsher for some than others, how about a change? If you’re not an avid sneaker fiend, you’ve no doubt seen them everywhere. Runners and generally low profile shoes seem to be all the rage at the moment. But, this reimagined footwear icon challenges that and politely asks that you reconsider.

The Air Force 1’s history involves a bit of a shock when it first hit shelves. For the time, this was the most strikingly built shoe anyone had seen on a basketball court. Of course, at that point, most of us were only concerned with how well the shoe felt while playing. But, luckily for Nike, on-court style was starting to translate rather profoundly on the streets.

Surprising many with its presence and strength, the Special Forces, or SF, edition mirrors that vibe. Available in Rattan iterations, this AF1 boasts a focus on quality. Each colorway comes with ripstop nylon added to the upper. This will make sure the shoe withstands the test of both the cold winds and hard pavements.

A heightened profile and ankle strap add loud intrigue. The result is still a shoe that looks like a beast without taking away from style points. Sure, you can stomp around in these and make some noise. But, you can also make your way to a local spot and hardly cause a fuss. It’s up to you.

Air Force 1 ’07 Premium “Vachetta Tan”

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Premium “Vachetta Tan” Is One of the Most Luxurious Sneakers of the Summer

High-quality leather sitting on top of a clean white sole.

Nike has introduced a new Air Force 1 ’07 Premium for summer. Billed as an “all premium” spin on the iconic Air Force 1 Low, the new “Vachetta Tan” colorway boasts high-end vachetta tan leather material for the upper, “textile lining” and a clean, simple white sole. This luxury iteration of the Air Force 1 Low continues the sneaker world’s recent trend of minimal sneakers that would work well with designer and streetwear outfits.

Text by  throw Hypebeast
Photos by Fuel