Hailey Baldwin Signs with adidas

Team Trefoil just welcomed another big player into their ranks. Hailey Baldwin announced that she would be heading to Herzo’s finest via Instagram, saying that she had taken a role at adidas Originals’ as their new ‘style creator’.

Though it’s not entirely known what that entails, we know she’ll be working with JD Sports on women’s product, likely showing off all the new styles adidas are bringing out on their channel.

adidas x Parley

Current estimates show there’s roughly 80,000 tons of plastic polluting the Pacific Ocean. That’s an area roughly three times the size of France, and it’s only getting bigger, which is cause for grave concern.

Despite our struggles to face these harsh realities, a growing chorus of activists and eco-conscious companies like adidas and Parley for the Oceans are fighting to raise awareness of this critical, manmade issue while delivering real ways for consumers to take action.

adidas has been working with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that raises awareness about the beauty and fragility of our deep, blue seas, since 2015.

Together, they’ve come up with creative footwear solutions that utilize Parley Ocean Plastic, a proprietary textile made from recycled plastic retrieved from our oceans, proving that footwear companies are able to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices at scale so long as they’re willing and able to do so.

adidas and Parley for the Oceans unveiled their latest product collaboration, the limited edition UltraBOOST Parley and UltraBOOST X, combining cutting edge performance with progressive eco-innovation. Fusing high-performance features like energy-returning BOOST midsoles and a 95% Parley Ocean Plastic Primeknit upper, each pair prevents approximately 11 plastic bottles from the possibility of entering our oceans.

To celebrate the launch, adidas and Parley for the Oceans are calling on their global communities to unite for the second year in a row in the movement against marine plastic pollution with the return of Run for the Oceans.

Run for the Oceans is a global running movement that uses the power of sports to raise awareness to the threat of ocean plastic pollution. Through this worldwide initiative, adidas and Parley will host over 12 major running events across six key cities and will feature weekly running activities across 50 adidas runner communities globally.

Taking their commitment even further this year, adidas will match $1 to every kilometer run for the first one million kilometers which will support the Parley Ocean Plastic Program.

“At adidas, we believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives and the Run For The Oceans movement truly reflects this,” explains adidas General Manager Andre Maestrini. “We have created a unique global platform that gives everyone the opportunity to impact their lives by joining a collective running movement that fights marine plastic pollution. Seeing the adidas family unite for a shared purpose is what makes the campaign so powerful.”

Getting involved is easy, and anybody can join the movement by downloading the Runtastic app (Joyrun for users in China) to track each step you’ve run between June 8 and July 8. Fans can also join adidas ambassadors around the world to help reach one million kilometers through a series of physical runs in major cities including LA, New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Milan, and Shanghai.

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adidas Arkyn

Say what you want about adidas, but you’ll never be able to claim that you lack choices. The Three Stripes brand has been prolifically releasing Boost heat for the last few years, giving fans plenty to think about. The adidas Arkyn Women’s shows us that this trend isn’t about to slow down anytime soon.

Featuring in three very distinct color schemes, the Arkyn is set to be yet another memorable model to sport some remarkable colorways for the ladies. Here, we take a look at the Flower White, Ash Pearl, and Steel Grey looks for this future classic.

Each of these colorways comes with standard features for this model. The uppers are in a lightweight mesh, offering breathability and stretch that surprisingly resembles Primeknit. We also see a robust helping of Boost via the midsoles.

In fact, this just about as much Boost cushioning as we see on models such as the Pure Boost and Ultra Boost. As with those models, this unique section makes for a memorable visual.

Thanks to a deep archive, adidas has quite a few signature vintage design details at its disposal. We see some of those notes here via sections such as the neoprene heel and welded sections of TPU throughout.

The colorways represent imaginative combinations that we’ve seen from the brand’s past. Of course, the Flower White pair is more about the hype quality. Every time adidas drops a Boost sneaker that comes in a crisp White colorway, you can expect a rush of orders and line-ups on release day.

The Ash Pearl iteration is perhaps the most interesting of the trio. The Pearl base is eloquently matched up with moodier accents of Blue and Noble Indigo, coming together nicely for a distinctive colorway. We round things off with the Steel Grey pair, flipping the script on the Ash Pearl colorway to make for a more Midnight-esque scheme.

Each of these colorways does a good job of showing off this model’s modern aesthetic flexibility. At the same time, it’s a surprisingly fluid combination of both the old and new.

Back in the 80s, considered by many to be the Golden Age of sneaker design, innovative features were abundant. And yet, somehow, adidas manages to have a treasure trove of old school features that are exclusive to their brand.

This sneaker has partly been so popular due to the endorsement powers behind it. Adidas’s looks have inspired the likes of Kendall Jenner to join their ranks and rock the Arkyn.

In a market with brands such as Puma swiping up as many pop culture endorsements as possible, it’s important to have this sort of backing. With that being said, it’s worth noting that the Three Stripes brand would very likely be just fine moving this shoe off the proverbial shelves.

As we can see from the colorway options featured here, the adidas Arkyn Women’s is a fountain of choice for sneakerheads.

Cop yours while you still can!

Adidas EQT Support 93/17

EQT. You really might not find three more important words in the history of adidas. The brand has a long and storied tradition of releasing banger after banger. But, because they are still a company beholden to industry pressures, adidas has also struggled mightily from time to time. The EQT, or Equipment, line represents the brand’s battle with this period of struggle. In fact, the Equipment series saw adidas through something of an identity crisis, helping the Three Stripes return to prominence via a re-focusing effort. Here, that period in their story is celebrated once more via the adidas EQT Support 93/17

of those might be its representation of the EQT’s staying power. At the beginning of 2017, the 93/17 was introduced as adidas rolled out some fresh looks for the old line. The brand had been messing with the Equipment series for quite some time, never really dropping it. But, most of the aesthetics remained the same. Sure, there were the additions of Primeknit and Boost, adding to both the functional and aesthetic appeal here. Yet, it all felt the same. And then, adidas went ahead and did something big by making a small change.

The introduction of Turbo Red, seen here via the shoe’s OrthoLite sockliner, made a huge difference. All of a sudden, adidas wasn’t just bringing back the old. It was celebrating an important piece of their own history while also giving it some new and refreshing life. The 93/17’s execution was so well received that this color scheme symbolizes the next phase of the EQT line, finding its way to nearly every shoe in the series.

Available now, check out the adidas EQT 93/17 Support for yourself ASAP!


adidas NMD City Sock 2

adidas’s ability to continually evolve is central to their current success. If the Three Stripes had only recently burst on to the scene, their current run would be much easier to write off as the hype-infested glory of early days. We’d be counting down the days until it all fades and things go back to normal. But, adidas has been crushing the sneaker game for decades now. This is what makes their evolution a sign of things to come. As we move along, adidas will only continue to adapt to what the sneaker community, evidenced by models such as the NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit.

The City Sock line is arguably the peak of the Three Stripes’ power. This sneaker represents a jump at the opportunity to squeeze the sneaker market as it was changing. The 90s era of sneaker design focused on bulk and rigid materials – leather and straps were all the rage. But, as of 2015, more streamlined and lighter shoes were more than the specialized stuff of runners. It was now the widespread demand of customers on a global scale. After the NMD saw such positive responses, adidas intelligently recreated the formula and enhanced the things fans seem to love the most.

The upper’s Primeknit build was freed, building on the framework of the NMD OG and UltraBoost models. With the caging and accompanying branding gone, the shoe was even lighter and a true one-to-one fit. More importantly, it didn’t take away from the sharp silhouette, allowing for comfort while also looking futuristic. The Boost midsole was untouched, representing one of the larger selling points behind this future legend.

The NMD City Sock 2 is only the current stop for a brand that keeps the wheels turning. There’s is no doubt we’ll all be looking back at this shoe as one of the more important models in adidas’s historic run. A retro releases in the year 2022? Who knows?

Then again, maybe a better question is, why wait?

adidas I-5923

There are very few brands that can add new life to older models without it seeming like a desperate rehashing. Adidas, without a shadow of a doubt, is one such brand. The Three Stripes have been captivating our nostalgia for years, all the while continuing to progress through their own evolving design philosophies. The advent of newer and more hyped models hasn’t taken their attention away from some of the more unheralded releases. When adidas first dropped the Iniki runner, it was a potent combination of elements from the past and the present. Now, they push the envelope even further with the Iniki I-5923.

This latest rendition of the underrated silhouette sees more of the signature adidas duality. The form is largely the same but varies on its build and content. The upper we see here boasts a mix of mesh and pigskin nubuck, bringing a touch of luxury to an otherwise practical shoe. The placement of the nubuck details makes it so that none of the shoe’s lightweight properties are sacrificed. If anything, this material choice only adds to the airy feel of each step. Speaking of steps, we also see that chunky piece of Boost covering the underfoot area entirely.

Since its original release, the Iniki has been a remarkably wearable model. Moreover, it’s closer to an understandable price point and helps the rest of us get in on that signature look without breaking the bank. This deconstructed edition gives us even more options, making sure we feel less left out of every special NMD release. Shoutout to the Three Stripes for keeping the sneaker community in mind.

Available now, you can cop these in a range of colorways, including this White/ Black iteration. It goes without saying, but you won’t find many other bangers at this price range!

Adidas adizero Prime LTD

It’s odd to consider that Primeknit tech has been around for more than five years. Looking back at Adidas’s signature woven tech gives us some perspective on the brand’s success as a whole. It’s easy to forget that this innovation was, at one point, fighting for its legal life, as the company’s patent on it faced tremendous challenges from the likes of Nike. But, it survived, and thrived onwards. The sneakers following this material’s advent were some of the most memorable in the brand’s history and continue to sell out today. We celebrate Primeknit via the adidas adizero Prime LTD.


This July will make it six whole years of adidas research and innovation. Along with marvelous success, those years of advancing go directly into this sneaker. The form is based on something on OG in the modern Three Stripes running catalog. When the original Adizero Prime dropped in London back in 2012, it took on the hype we associated with Nike products such as the Flyknit Racer. This shoe debuted as an advanced solution to all of your running needs, promising to provide world-beating support, flexibility, and cushion. The world wasn’t quite sure what to think of this sort of thing back in 2012.


In fact, when Primeknit first dropped, the sneaker community – particularly runners – greeted it with a slightly predictable skepticism. Having been used to much simpler stuff from the past, how was this paper-thin, sock-like wrap going to make running any better? It’s a fair question! Fortunately for all of us, releases such as the adizero Prime played a big part in changing up how running sneakers were designed. Furthermore, it gave runners an option to go to for sophisticated running tech that didn’t come with a Swoosh.


Celebrating years of committed research and continued innovation, the sneaker community has plenty to like about the adizero Prime LTD. If nothing else, it’s fun to look back at a time when this sort of shoe was completely out of the ordinary.


Available now, cop a pair of adidas history!

Adidas Campus

The Adidas Campus was originally named the Tournament when it was first released in the early 1970’s. The name changed to Campus somewhere around 1980. It  has been very involved in the hip-hop community, and has almost been worshiped by Brooklyn hip-hop artists the Beastie Boys. The Campus makes a good addition to any wardrobe, with its wide range of colors. Skateboarders have utilized the durability of the very simple Adidas Campus.

We have get to our hands this brand new colorway and go straight to the beach where it seems to belong.


Detailed look at the Adidas Climacool 02/17

Adidas brought back their classic ClimaCOOL silhouette from the early 2000s last summer, but the head-turning model didn’t make as much of an impact as the three stripes had hoped. Perhaps it was due to the NMD and Ultra Boost craze, but you can still pick up the original ClimaCool 1 for well under retail at a number of stores. That should all change soon though thanks to the introduction of the modern, streetwear-ready adidas ClimaCOOL 02/17. The shoe features a simple slip-on upper featuring the bold ClimaCool textile throughout while an aggressive semi-transparent midfoot shank steals the show. This look is rather similar to what adidas Originals did with the EQT line thanks to a jagged midsole and a simple yet clean profile with just the right amount of OG inspiration. Check out more detailed shots of the coming ClimaCOOL 02/17 and grab your pair on July 22nd.

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Adidas Iniki Runner

The Three Stripes brand has a really good habit of taking on retro sneaker design elements and adding on some welcome upgrades. They’re in a fantastic position to do that as well, seeing as how adidas is equally strong both in retro designs and modern tech.

The Iniki runner, in both of these Women’s exclusive colorways, is a great example of this.


The shape is probably what most of us notice first, which is a clear concession to those of us who can’t get our hands on some of the NMD heat. The materials are no joke either, sporting an upper of two-way stretch mesh and soft suede overlays. Of course, we’ve got plenty of BOOST underfoot as well. Wrapping this up is the classic gum outsole.


Available now in two Icy tones of Pink and Blue, you can find these modern classics on selected boutiques right now.

Adidas ultra boost for 2018

Adidas is taking its commitment to cleaning up the oceans beyond just its limited products with Parley for the Oceans. According to Adidas Global Head of Running Andre Maestrini, the sportswear company has an ultimate goal of creating all of its Ultra Boost products from reclaimed plastic from the oceans.

“The Fall/Winter 2018 Ultra Boost will have 80 percent of the upper material made from ocean plastic,” Maestrini said. “It is no longer an addition. It is going to be how we make the Ultra Boost in the future. That’s how seriously committed we are with this idea.”

The exec added that Adidas made one million pairs of sneakers using Parley for the Ocean’s A.I.R. approach, which stands for “avoiding, intercepting, and redesigning plastic.” In 2018, it plans to make five million.

Adidas’ Parley for the Oceans line of sneakers and apparel has expanded each year since debuting in 2015. Eventually, Adidas will be incorporating Parley’s principles into all of its categories—not just running.

“We always want to start with performance because we’re anchored in sport, but nowadays you can’t say there is sports on one side and lifestyle on the other. Culture and sports are all intertwined,” he said. “We are going to have Parley make shoes with Originals also because we are so committed to the future. It is going to become a true anchor of innovation that we will use for different franchises in our range.”

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adidas Ultra Boost Limited Edition – Mid Grey/ Linen Khaki

Frankly, it doesn’t feel like we see enough of the Ultra Boost in terms of colorways. That probably has a lot to do with adidas’s understandable focus on the NMD and other hot sellers. Still, it’s always a nice surprise to get yet another iteration of what we’ll likely consider the OG Boost sneaker.

 Here, we get a look at a special edition of the Ultra Boost, sporting much of the same tech we’ve come to know and love. This time, the colorway stands out in a more subtle way. Taking on a mostly Grey scheme, we see a notable variation on the shoe’s heel counter, now dipped in a Khaki hue. Additional design cues include an all-over graphic print on this model’s Primeknit upper, inspired by the brand’s ARAMIS testing.

The shoe’s build continues its same old story: ridiculous comfort. Along with carrying a knit construction, this Ultra Boost’s upper sports a one-piece SOCKFIT build. Essentially, it’s the same tech that made the sneaker so easy to put on and fasten without sacrificing comfort. Not big on hitting the pavement hard? Then you can be sure that this colorway will make for a solid finisher to pretty much any weekend outfit you can put together. These limited editions sell out at breakneck speeds, so don’t miss out!

adidas Ultra Boost Limited Edition – Core Black

Can a running shoe actually be too comfortable? Maybe it sounds a bit farfetched, but the Ultra Boost is making a strong case for this distinction. From its earlier days to the colorways we see  drop every now and then, one of the defining characteristics of this model has been an almost overbearing cloud of cushion underneath your feet.

 Luckily, there’s more to this remarkable shoe than its world-beating impact protection. An airy upper provides a combination of fit and breathability that makes for an impressive technical sneaker as well. A Primeknit build offers the lightweight support of a knit upper while gradually conforming to your unique foot shape. A special Torsion system and heel counter keep you stable and lock the design elements in place. All of this, and the Ultra Boost clocks in at just a few hundred grams of weight while you run. This is all goes without mentioning this particular release’s All Black look.

 It’s no doubt a marvel of a running sneaker from a functional standpoint, but the Ultra Boost is just as capable of keeping you comfortably on your feet through those long commutes and taxing work days. Don’t sleep!

Black vs Red

Adidas NMD_XR1 Black/ Red

No sneaker is too legendary for the All Black look. In fact, most hot sellers only fly off shelves quicker when they take on the tonal motif. The NMD_XR1 is no exception to that rule, as we even see it take on a striped pattern here.

Frankly, this model does just fine in store no matter what the color scheme is. In this case, the allover striped print adds a notable hint of flair to an otherwise somber scheme. As with all of the brand’s NMD drops, this model features the key combination of Primeknit and BOOST cushioning.

A slightly muted aspect here is the addition of Red via the pull tab font and heel stitch detailing. Outside of that, this is yet another All Black release from adidas that is sure to sell out as fast as it releases.

As clean as it looks

As clean as it looks: the brand new adidas NMD_CS2

Adidas seemed to take over 2016 with its almost endless array of NMD releases. The OG alone was selling out at feverish rates. Throw in tons of colorways and you’ve got a sneaker community that is still buzzing about the lightweight runner. And, as they made abundantly clear, 2017 will not be the year adidas stops.

Here, we get a look at an upcoming iteration of the NMD City Sock 2. The upper on this women’s exclusive takes on a playful touch, sporting a polka-dot design. This only further emphasises this CS2’s effortless construction, including an ankle portion that almost looks like a folded sweater collar.

The Primeknit build makes for breathability and serves as an interesting contrast to the bright White BOOST midsole. A light Tan hue caps things off, making a presence on the heel pull tab and outsole.

Adidas NMD R2 Primeknit

The adidas NMD R1 has no doubt been the hottest sneaker of 2016, but it’s apparent that adidas Originals aren’t resting on their laurels for even a minute, as the shoe’s sequel is already about to launch.

It didn’t take too long for the three stripes to deliver an NMD sequel.

While we’re still focused on the likes of the BAPE adidas NMD duo slated to arrive later this month, we’re excited about the prospect of more NMD options in the near future. The adidas NMD_R2 features an updated design but retains the overall simple sleekness of the original with a few noticeable changes in tow.

First, the NMD R2‘s Primeknit pattern has changed to include a random array of stripes to match the sock-like ankle collar. Then the midsole has been updated to do away with the added plastic “bumper” support system for a full-length Boost to maximize comfort.

Check out the images below and if you like them you can grab yours from Fuel .


Hailed by the German brand as “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever”, the Adidas Ultra BOOST has been one of the top choices not only by runners, but also by style icons and sneakerheads for being comfortable and easy to pair with.

The sneaker was one of the first to be tested using the ARAMIS system which is used by top engineering institutions namely NASA, Boeing and Audi to measure vibration, design, and ergonomics.

The adidas Ultra Boost continues its dominant stretch as a must-have running model thanks to its comfortable full-length Boost cushioning system,

stylish Primeknit upper, and its unique ability to appeal to streetwear enthusiasts thanks to an elegant design perfect for any occasion.

The Ultra Boost is now on its third installment with an updated woven Primeknit upper for a bold new take, translucent three stripe cage overlays, and a perfected Continental rubberized outsole unit for added traction.

Today we get a look at the adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 Oreo, a fresh new colorway slated to arrive at Fuel at the end of March.

The Adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 “Oreo” benefits from a speckled and striped Footwear White and Core Black base while a white semi-transparent three stripe cage overlay adds a hypnotizing aesthetic to the overall appearance.

The simple two color combination sees the heel cage in a contrasting black with ‘Ultra Boost’ branding in Chrome and Gold while a white Boost midsole unit matches a clean white bottom.

The New Adidas EQT Support 93/17 Gets a White Makeup

Alongside “Turbo Red” on the ankle support.

Adidas 93/17 Support silhouette is now rendered in a dominating white color scheme alongside deep black and “Turbo Red” accents throughout the model. Instead of Primeknit, the nascent sneaker is equipped with a traditional woven upper that is emblazoned with a pixelated noise pattern. Moreover, the low-top variant boasts premium leather panels alongside a webbed three stripes lacing system that is an acclaimed attribute under the EQT franchise. Of course, this latest rendition is fitted with a protruding BOOST midsole.