Pink Dolphin

If there’s a single word you can boil streetwear down to, to summarize what the industry has aimed for, from era to era, it’s this: uniqueness. Like most business models, streetwear is all about being able to stand out in the midst of all of your competition. After all, each brand is trying to convince us that it knows how we feel, knows what we want to represent with our clothing. Ironically, the stress put upon standing out is often what sinks brands into being inconspicuous. Yet, so many big names will try hard to be in your newsfeed at all times while still claiming exclusivity. Pink Dolphin begs to differ.


This is a brand that very much prides itself on exclusivity. And this time, we mean actual exclusivity. Pink Dolphin has a pretty consistent release schedule, adding up to a deep catalogue. With that being said, the quantities for each season’s release are extremely limited and come with very minimal efforts in terms of advertising. There aren’t too many instagram models rocking Pink Dolphin all manner of tempting poses, no Twitter blasts that are pinned to your newsfeed, and it’s not hard to see why. Though the brand is all about exclusivity and limited quantities, their color choices seem to do the advertising for them. The base color for most pieces are bright, neon shades of Pink or Blue. You don’t have to say much when your clothing is doing all of the talking for you.


For this year’s summer collection, out now, there’s plenty of beach-ready vibes. T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts are the order of the day, each of which is an unapologetic expression of what this boisterous-yet-low key brand stands for. The company’s motto is “legends at our craft,” which represents their dedication to positivity expressed through colorful design. Despite their admittedly loud color palette, Pink Dolphin is a brand that stresses humility in success, denoting an attitude that encourages hard work and quiet enjoyment of one’s personal victories. Whether it’s in a Baby Blue tank top on the beach or a Neon Red jacket in the cooler months, Pink Dolphin wants their supporters to know that you don’t have to do a ton of talking or celebrating when what you wear is what you speak.