adidas NMD City Sock 2

adidas’s ability to continually evolve is central to their current success. If the Three Stripes had only recently burst on to the scene, their current run would be much easier to write off as the hype-infested glory of early days. We’d be counting down the days until it all fades and things go back to normal. But, adidas has been crushing the sneaker game for decades now. This is what makes their evolution a sign of things to come. As we move along, adidas will only continue to adapt to what the sneaker community, evidenced by models such as the NMD City Sock 2 Primeknit.

The City Sock line is arguably the peak of the Three Stripes’ power. This sneaker represents a jump at the opportunity to squeeze the sneaker market as it was changing. The 90s era of sneaker design focused on bulk and rigid materials – leather and straps were all the rage. But, as of 2015, more streamlined and lighter shoes were more than the specialized stuff of runners. It was now the widespread demand of customers on a global scale. After the NMD saw such positive responses, adidas intelligently recreated the formula and enhanced the things fans seem to love the most.

The upper’s Primeknit build was freed, building on the framework of the NMD OG and UltraBoost models. With the caging and accompanying branding gone, the shoe was even lighter and a true one-to-one fit. More importantly, it didn’t take away from the sharp silhouette, allowing for comfort while also looking futuristic. The Boost midsole was untouched, representing one of the larger selling points behind this future legend.

The NMD City Sock 2 is only the current stop for a brand that keeps the wheels turning. There’s is no doubt we’ll all be looking back at this shoe as one of the more important models in adidas’s historic run. A retro releases in the year 2022? Who knows?

Then again, maybe a better question is, why wait?