Adidas adizero Prime LTD

It’s odd to consider that Primeknit tech has been around for more than five years. Looking back at Adidas’s signature woven tech gives us some perspective on the brand’s success as a whole. It’s easy to forget that this innovation was, at one point, fighting for its legal life, as the company’s patent on it faced tremendous challenges from the likes of Nike. But, it survived, and thrived onwards. The sneakers following this material’s advent were some of the most memorable in the brand’s history and continue to sell out today. We celebrate Primeknit via the adidas adizero Prime LTD.


This July will make it six whole years of adidas research and innovation. Along with marvelous success, those years of advancing go directly into this sneaker. The form is based on something on OG in the modern Three Stripes running catalog. When the original Adizero Prime dropped in London back in 2012, it took on the hype we associated with Nike products such as the Flyknit Racer. This shoe debuted as an advanced solution to all of your running needs, promising to provide world-beating support, flexibility, and cushion. The world wasn’t quite sure what to think of this sort of thing back in 2012.


In fact, when Primeknit first dropped, the sneaker community – particularly runners – greeted it with a slightly predictable skepticism. Having been used to much simpler stuff from the past, how was this paper-thin, sock-like wrap going to make running any better? It’s a fair question! Fortunately for all of us, releases such as the adizero Prime played a big part in changing up how running sneakers were designed. Furthermore, it gave runners an option to go to for sophisticated running tech that didn’t come with a Swoosh.


Celebrating years of committed research and continued innovation, the sneaker community has plenty to like about the adizero Prime LTD. If nothing else, it’s fun to look back at a time when this sort of shoe was completely out of the ordinary.


Available now, cop a pair of adidas history!