Air Jordan XXXII CNY

The Air Jordan line’s affinity with celebratory releases continues, now finding its way to their latest signature performer. The Chinese New Year edition of Jumpman models has been a noticeably successful habit for the brand. Chinese has always been a strong market both for basketball and Jordan Brand specifically. You could put together a respectable catalog of releases made up entirely of special celebratory Chinese editions alone. For the brand, it’s a solid marketing effort. For the rest of us, it’s another captivating look at the signature line. We check out the Air Jordan XXXII “Chinese New Year.”

This color scheme is about as expressive as it gets. Hues of Green, Gold, White, and Red sit comfortably on a Black based upper. The back end of this sneaker is where all of the glitz of this scheme comes to life. Details include depictions of fireworks and flowers, all stitched on to really stand out. These details become even more impressive considering they sit on an otherwise minimalist performance-woven upper. The front portion boasts what appear to be scale-like detailing in White, leading up to the forefoot and toebox. The look is rounded out thanks to a crisp White midsole.

February 16th marks the celebration of Chinese New Year. Reportedly, we are entering the Year of the Dog.

The Air Jordan XXXII is a pretty fantastic choice for this release. Its unique build offers up a few elements to play around with in terms of design. Unlike some of the other elite basketball sneakers out there, a woven upper is mixed in with synthetic sections, boasting some potential variability. We’ve already seen this CNY color scheme on the Air Jordan VI, but this release stands on its own merits.

As a performance model, the Air Jordan XXXII is still a very play-friendly shoe, even in celebratory drops such as this one. Despite the overflow of expressive design, this performance-woven upper – a go-to for the brand since the AJ XXX – sports some surprising durability. The synthetic elements of the shoe also add to its stability profile. Off the court, it’s arguably even more impressive. This boisterous look for the Air Jordan XXXII wouldn’t have worked as well on another base color. The choice to go with Black looks like it was a fantastic one.

Out now, you won’t want to miss this memorable take on the XXXII.