Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Clyde Stitched

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Simplicity and functionality are cornerstones of Scandinavian design, and Han Kjøbenhavn takes them to an extraordinary place. Founding partners Jannik Davidsen and Tim Hancock innovate with classic vintage workwear and a fondness for their stomping ground of Copenhagen, Denmark. For this collection, they channeled their upbringing, local sports, and suburban architecture for inspiration. Their goal was to surprise. Apparel uses unexpected material mixes such as rayon, jersey, and twill. Footwear serves up bright muted colors that are simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Finally, light, checkered wool pays homage to the iconic trench coats worn at their local football stadium.

The classic Clyde gets the full Han treatment. You don't have to read the lettering on the side to recognize the inspiration behind these shoes – sophisticated Scandinavian style, exuding beauty in simplicity. Bring some Copenhagen cool to your wardrobe with these awesome reimagined Clyde sneakers.

Χρώμα: White / Brown


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Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Clyde Stitched

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Brand Puma
Συλλογή Όχι
Φυλο Αντρας
Χρωμα White
Χρώμα White / Brown
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