Nike Kyrie 4

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The fourth installment of Kyrie Irving’s signature Nike shoe places the most emphasis that his signature ever has on how Kyrie plays the game. The Nike Kyrie 4’s perfect fit to the Boston Celtics star’s game is thanks to a rigorous design process by Benjamin Nethongkome, who studied Irving’s game to find out what he truly needed from his shoe. One major result of this process was the development of a split outsole to best enable Kyrie’s quick-cut and explosive abilities; this detail can be seen in the purple jagged line that splits the white outsole of the Kyrie 4 “Black/White”. This new colorway keeps a clean look with a black upper of mesh and suede and subtle purple and aqua detailing on the tongue and midsole speckling, a potential nod to classic Air Jordan models that helped inspire the shoe’s design.

Χρώμα: Black/White


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Nike Kyrie 4

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Brand Nike
Συλλογή Kyrie
Φυλο Αντρας
Χρωμα Black
Χρώμα Black/White
Membership None
Media Όχι
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