The birth and rise of video game culture.

The first significant step was made in 1983 when the 3rd generation of gaming began. Back then two companies were the protagonists of the video game scene, Sega and Nintendo. Both companies, represented by their respective consoles, were drawn into a heated rivalry that would last for years. It was during this generation that games started having more vibrant colors, investing in telling stories through their design, and having a ''save progress'' feature. Even though Sega and Nintendo were going back and forth, it was in 1994 that Nintendo developed and published a game that would change the tides of the ''console war'' in its favor, Donkey Kong Country.
The game's legacy is recognized to this day and is considered to be one of the greatest games of all time. In 1993, during the 5th generation, came the rise of a new ''contestant'', who was meant to change things once and for all, Sony's Playstation. Sony's engineering technologist Ken Kutaragi (aka The father of Playstation), introduced Playstation to the world, a console that would focus entirely on 3D graphics. Playstation's impact was huge, overshadowing Sega and Nintendo, making it a necessary accessory in every living room and elevating gaming's mainstream status.

During the sixth generation, Sony came across a new ''opponent'' in the console war ''battlefield'', Microsoft's Xbox. Microsoft created the Xbox to directly challenge Sony, with Xbox being the first console to feature the industry's first online service, the Xbox live, in order to connect players from around the world. Sony's counter product and Playstation's successor, Playstation 2, was released in 2000 and received ''universal acclaim'', establishing Sony as gaming's emperor and making gaming more mainstream than ever. Playstation 2 is considered to be the most successful console of all time, with sales reaching 155 million units worldwide. Sony and Microsoft are the main protagonists in the current gaming scene, with both companies making great innovations over the last years pushing gaming to higher standards.
The Rock and Bill Gates debuted the original Xbox

Gaming is steadily taking over many aspects of our lives throughout the years, spreading into other facets of pop culture and entertainment. The video game and movie industries have been interacting both ways, with big Hollywood studios producing more and more video game-based movies and tv shows, and gaming studios developing video games with high movie production values. The most notable example of the latter is the Playstation 4 video game Death Stranding, which featured an all-star Hollywood cast.

Another major industry that is directly influenced by gaming is fashion, with notable collaborations between fashion brands and gaming companies, such as the Playstation X Nike Air Force 1, and the HUF X Street Fighter collection. More and more fashion brands want their merchandise to feature gaming icons and franchises and to be featured in games, in order to attract a wider range of audiences.

 A lot has changed since 1983 and it is more evident than ever that gaming will keep evolving, making an even bigger impact in our lives and entertainment. Let's not forget, when visionaries unleash their creativity, the sky's the limit! 

Author: Kostas Fuel