HUF delivers hot collabs once again.

From the widely popular collaboration with Street fighter, HUF returns and brings us not one, but two brand new collaborations that are going to make it the talk of the town! To begin with, HUF has joined forces with rising sensation Pleasures to bring us a collaboration heavily inspired by the 90's nostalgia, a decade that we truly love here at Fuel.
Every piece of this release, from the artwork and graphics to the details and the fabrics, brings oversized silhouettes and retro graphics to the forefront, emphasizing the nod to the 90's aesthetic. This collaboration literally has everything, from mushroom socks packaged in a VHS case and Bacon Grease skate wax to special themed skate decks. Check out the Huf x Pleasures collab. We guess it's safe to assume that most things in life lead to the pursuit of pleasure. With that in mind, HUF collaborates with Playboy to celebrate the legacy of the legendary Playboy club. It's all about breaking taboos, the glitz, the glamor, the all-nighters and it is all expressed through a wide variety of clothing and accessories.

We couldn't be more excited with HUF's brand-new collaborations. With that in mind and given the brand's legacy, there is no doubt that the best is yet to come!