Growing up in the '90s / Part 1: Television

The '90s are very special to us here at Fuel. It is the decade that we grew up in, that shaped our characters, that defined who we are. In this series of posts, we will attempt to take a walk down memory lane and analyze our favorite facets of this decade, the ones that influenced us the most, starting with television. The television scene was very different back in the '90s, mainly due to the lack of subscription streaming services.

Sitcoms were extremely popular back in the 90s, with one especially stealing the show. To this day, we are still laughing while binge-watching Friends, but growing up with this show was really special for us. The show had a great script, it was happy, smart and most of all, it made us believe that good people could live together and be funny as well. It was so relatable.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Having a very catchy theme song as the intro, most people remember The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as the start of Will Smith's career, but it was so much more than that. It was one of the first shows to feature a wealthy African American family, with each member having their own distinctive personality and humor, but at the same time struggling with issues such as race and social status. They made us both laugh and cry. Oh yes, it also gave us Carlton. We will always have Carlton Banks. 

Beverly Hills, 90210
Also very close to us were the teen dramas, since they were able to express our hopes, our dreams, our concerns for the future. The one that stands out the most is none other than Beverly Hills, 90210. Over its four seasons, we were able to see the characters transition from high school through college and into the adult world in a constant development of friendships and romantic relationships. The show was never afraid to dive into social issues such as teen pregnancy, divorce, drugs, homophobia and that is why it is still referenced today as an emblem of the '90s.

Representing the science-fiction side of television and while at the same time paving the way for future endeavors in the genre was X-Files. The show follows FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder investigating the bureau’s UFO coverup while hunting down the monsters of the week, a duo well-studied in extraterrestrial happenings as they explored the most mysterious realms of Earth. The show's legacy resonates to this day among a new generation of believers of the unknown. After all, ''the truth is out there''.

Married with Children
Even though it's not very relatable to modern-day standards, Married with Children is fairly considered a cult classic of the '90s. Featuring a wacky and imperfect American family, the show presented its adventures in a completely satirical way, giving us so many laughs.

Saturday-morning cartoons
Another major part of television for us were the Saturday-morning cartoons. We still remember ourselves sitting in front of the TV watching Batman, TMNT, He-Man, and the Masters of the Universe and even standing in front of the screen repeating Adam's legendary words: ''I HAVE THE POWER!''. An honorable mention in this category has to be made for the Simpsons, which continues to air to this day. Even though the show is a satirical and cartoonish look at American family life, the characters themselves felt like a real family, with real, sad problems and that's what made us bond with them. The show's blend of satire, mischievousness, warmth, pathos and joyful, ridiculous silliness is what makes it to be considered by many the greatest sitcom of all time.

South Park
In many ways different from the above mentioned cartoon shows but with its own significance, South Park first aired in 1997 and never looked back. Many consider that Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s crude kids picked up where The Simpsons left off, taking cartoon humor to a new level. Even though the show has raised controversies among viewers for its partial use of profanity, its popularity to this day speaks for itself. With that, we conclude our first part in this 90's coverage, presenting you the TV shows that we loved the most.

In the upcoming part of this coverage, we will dive into the magical and exciting world of the film industry back in the '90s.
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