Eastpak x Pleasures

There is a new collaboration in town and it is destined to amaze! The LA-based streetwear label Pleasures and Boston imprint Eastpak have teamed up, combining Pleasures' controversial punk-metal designs with Eastpak's peak quality of construction. The most exciting thing about this collaboration is the fact that even though Pleasures is a relatively new brand, its popularity is constantly rising. Pleasures was founded in 2015 by former IT technician Alex James, whose passion for fashion pushed him to create a brand that would speak to those who feel alienated, the punk rockers, the emos, the ones who feel rejected from society just because they are different. For James, it's all about exploring and expressing yourself. Even though the brand was doing well at the beginning, the product that really put Pleasures on the map was the '' A Girl Is A Gun'' t-shirt. The statement behind this t-shirt is that all single females can make statements and be powerful as anyone. Soon after that, many celebrities started wearing Pleasures products and collaborating with James, elevating the brand to even higher standards. The collaboration with Eastpak is just another proof that utility and fashion can be combined, which is achieved by merging Eastpak's three classic shapes ( Padded Pak'r backpack, Kerr messenger bag and Rusher mini bag) in two colors with Pleasures' punk-themed influences. As it turns out, even when the bar is set so high, there is always room for more!

Author: Kostas Fuel