AKILA, a modern eyewear concept.

There are no compromises when it comes to style and AKILA knows it. Based in Los Angeles, the brand's main focus is on handcrafting unisex sunglasses at anti-industry pricing.

When AKILA was founded in 2018, they made sure to establish that their main goals would be sustainability and eco-friendly craftsmanship. Their eyewear is handcrafted from eco-friendly plant-based cellulose acetate, which guarantees that the final product is biodegradable and renewable. With each pair of glasses being sold on its website, AKILA plants a tree in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. AKILA also runs its own recycling program. When your eyewear is at the end of its life, you can send it back to AKILA for repair and donation for reuse, or for responsible recycling of the components. In return, they will pay it forward and send you a discount code for a new pair. These inspiring eco-conscious choices and practices indicate their will to be part of the solution and help the planet, making the brand stand out from the crowd.

Since their launch, they have grown exponentially and partnered with brands such as Chinatown Market, HUF, and Pleasures. Many enjoy their outlook on preservation and minimizing waste thus Akila has a wide range of celebrity followings from Conan O’Brien to J Balvin and Halsey. With its latest Essentials Collection, AKILA brings back cult classic frames and reestablishes them in the modern era while maintaining their high quality and eco-friendly structure.

AKILA's rise and popularity is well earned through their hard work and dedication, making them an advocate for sustainability and contemporary fashion.